How To Make A Proper Apology

Whether you’re a husband who just annoyed his wife, a son who just disappointed his father or a CEO who just pissed off her customers, sooner or later you’re going to need to apologize. It’s one of the hardest things things you’ll ever have to do … [Continue reading]

Forecasting In An Agile Environment

One of the most common issues at Agile shops is planning and forecasting. Agile shops aren’t like waterfall shops where you plan a 9 month release in advance. In a waterfall shop, it’s very clear what you’re planning to release in 9 months (which is … [Continue reading]

RIP Zynga

I read two articles recently about how Zynga is going to succeed now that they have a new CEO in place. Sounded cool, and for the sake of my friends who work at Zynga I really want him to succeed. Except that I don't see how he's going to. Zynga is a … [Continue reading]

How Professional Should Social Voice Be?

A few months ago I decided to be more active in social media from a professional perspective. I'm already active on a social basis and I use networks like Facebook and Instagram to communicate with my friends and family on a regular basis. However, I … [Continue reading]

Where Do Good Features Come From?

It's interesting to think about where most people get ideas for new product features. The usual answer I get when I ask Product Manager candidates about this is "I would talk to my customers". Which is fine, except for the fact that these people are … [Continue reading]