How To Get A Job – Chapter 1

This is going to be chapter one of my mini book on how to get a job.  I'm posting it here because I want to make the information freely available plus it's fun for me to publish each chapter as I write it. This book won’t get you a job. Only you can … [Continue reading]

Never Leave Them Hanging

I’ve hired many people and I’ve also fired a few and the worst thing you can ever do in either case is to leave things ambiguous. If you’re going to hire someone, tell them that. If you’re not going to hire someone, tell them that too. If you’re … [Continue reading]

How To Make A Proper Apology


Whether you’re a husband who just annoyed his wife, a son who just disappointed his father or a CEO who just pissed off her customers, sooner or later you’re going to need to apologize. It’s one of the hardest things things you’ll ever have to do … [Continue reading]

Forecasting In An Agile Environment

To-Do List - Win - Dry Erase Board

One of the most common issues at Agile shops is planning and forecasting. Agile shops aren’t like waterfall shops where you plan a 9 month release in advance. In a waterfall shop, it’s very clear what you’re planning to release in 9 months (which is … [Continue reading]

RIP Zynga


I read two articles recently about how Zynga is going to succeed now that they have a new CEO in place. Sounded cool, and for the sake of my friends who work at Zynga I really want him to succeed. Except that I don't see how he's going to. Zynga is a … [Continue reading]