RIP Zynga

ZyngaI read two articles recently about how Zynga is going to succeed now that they have a new CEO in place. Sounded cool, and for the sake of my friends who work at Zynga I really want him to succeed. Except that I don’t see how he’s going to. Zynga is a large company in a small company market and that’s pretty much a death spiral in the making.

I’ve worked at small companies (I was employee #6 at my first startup) and I’ve worked at big companies (IBM for example). While I very much prefer small companies, I will admit that large companies have their advantages. [Read more…]

How Professional Should Social Voice Be?

A few months ago I decided to be more active in social media from a professional perspective. I’m already active on a social basis and I use networks like Facebook and Instagram to communicate with my friends and family on a regular basis. However, I decided that I should have more of a professional presence as well. So I revived my twitter handle and started tweeting, I started sharing more professional articles and links on LinkedIn and I even restarted blogging, as you can see if you’re reading this.

Within these new channels (Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog) I’ve focused on being professional. I share articles about product management and social media, I retweet shares from people in my industry and I share updates on hiring and open reqs. Which is all fine and well, except it’s boring the hell out of me, and I suspect it’s boring the hell out of my readers too. [Read more…]