About Me

I’m a career product manager, amateur personal trainer and full time dad.

I started out at Blue Pumpkin Software as employee #6, which is also where I got into product management and found out that I loved it.  Product management is like being a mini CEO for the product.  You get to decide what the product does, what it looks like and what new features you will develop.  You also need to herd cats… er… engineers and make sure you communicate everything both internally and externally.  It’s awesomely stressful and also awesomely fun.  (If you work with me, you’ll know that I like the word awesome).  I’ve also done a lot of product marketing, which is all about enabling the company to sell your product and business development.

The companies I’ve worked at are:

  • Blue Pumpkin (sold to Verint)
  • Model N (IPO)
  • Baynote
  • Tealeaf (sold to IBM)
  • SocialChorus

I have a bachelors in MIS and Finance from Bryant University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UCBerkeley.