What’s A Good Day For You?

I was in an uber on Thursday morning, heading from PDX to the Portland office, and the driver asked how often I come up.  When I answered “every Thursday”, he was a little amazed and said that sounded awful.  So I tried to explain to him that Thursdays were actually the best day of the week for me.

Most other days I’m usually on the phone all day or working on some presentation or document.  I rarely interact with folks directly and I don’t have many casual conversations.  Thursdays are different.  Thursdays I get to interact with my team.  Even my Thursday meetings are better since they’re usually face to face.  Thursdays are filled beginning to end with human interaction and, for me, that’s the very definition of a good day.

Now a day filled with human interactions is probably not everyone’s cup of tea but that brings me to my question; what is your definition of a good day?  And even more importantly, what can you do to make good days more common?  Do you want more interaction?  Less?  Smaller projects that can be done quicker?  Bigger projects?  More team work?  More solo work?  What is it that you can do to have more good days?

For me, the driver’s question made me realize I could have more good days just by getting out of my office and sitting somewhere near other people.  It’s such a simple change but it made a difference.

So take a moment to think about what a good day means to you and feel free to let me or your manager know how we can help make more of those.

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